Gift card trading and usage in Africa is growing rapidly, talking of a continent that has already embraced the idea of mobile money, alternative payment methods surely offer greater advantages for a young and tech-savvy generation.

Gift cards in Africa have (over the years) grown to be one of the most talked about, and there’s a need to talk more about it while at the same time, giving people the right information to work with.

Using this medium, we have taken it upon ourselves to talk about what is meant to be talked about. We provide well-researched content relating to gift cards, their usage, and their trading across Africa.

1. Where / How To Buy / Exchange Gift Cards Online

As most sites to buy gift cards have strict regulations that do not allow smooth flow of purchase for Africans, we dive deeper into several sources to figure out the best platforms where users can purchase various gift cards online with their credit card, or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum e.t.c.

2. Where/How To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria, Ghana – Africa

With Nigeria being the center and lead country when it comes to alternative payment methods, we try to focus more on and also discuss various platforms to exchange gift cards for naira and cedis. Being aware that you can sell gift cards in Ghana, sell gift card in Nigeria, Togo, South Africa, and other African countries can save you a few bucks.

3. Gift Card Values

How much you get for certain gift cards or how much you pay for them depend on what information you have at your disposal. We use this medium to expose the best sites to sell gift cards at high rates, to buy gift cards at cheap discounted rates, and also check the balance of any card.

4. Gift Card Brands In Africa And Beyond

We will be talking of a lot of gift card brands, including but not limited to:

Sell iTunes Gift Card, Sell Amazon Card Sell Steam Card, Sell Google Play Card, Sell Apple Gift Card, Sell eBay Gift Card, Sell Walmart Card, Sell Sephora Card, Sell Nordstrom Card, Sell Target Card, JCPenney, Best Buy, Sell Nike Gift Card,, Macy’s, Gamestop, Xbox, Sell Vanilla Gift Card, G2A, Sell American Express (AMEX) Card, OffGamers, Sell Foot Locker Gift Card, Sell Visa Gift Card, Play Station and many more.

5. Gift Card News In Africa

Several factors and situations in the gift card industry change quickly. Bankruptcies, new websites, new exchanges, new brands, changing regulations, fraud alerts, mobile gift cards, electronic gift cards and public perceptions are just a few issues we keep track of for you.

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