Amazon is a retail store that offers services such as digital streaming, cloud computing, e-commerce, etc.

It has seven (7) different kinds of physical stores that cater to various needs like Amazon Books, Amazon 4star, Amazon 4 star, etc.

Its website provides convenience as it is very inclusive. Amazon now ships to African countries like Nigeria. 

What are Amazon gift cards Used for?

Amazon gift cards are an alternate payment option for goods and services on the website and its physical stores.

They come in different values and countries.

Forms of Amazon gift cards

The two forms of Amazon gift cards are;

Physical gift cards: They are branded Amazon gift cards purchased in physical stores such as Amazon stores, Walmart, Walgreen, etc.

Ecode: These are codes purchased online using the Amazon website. Amazon ecodes is also called eGift cards. The code is sent to the buyer’s email address or phone number.

Payment Methods For Amazon Gift Cards

There are different payment methods for the purchase of Amazon gift cards in physical stores and this affects the receipt issued.

  1. Cash Receipt: This means the medium of payment for the Amazon gift card was with cash.  
  2. Credit Receipt: The gift card purchase was done with a credit card such as VISA CARD and MASTERCARD.
  3. Debit Receipt: This is when the medium of payment for the card is with debit cards.
  4. Activation Receipt: This receipt serves as proof that the Amazon gift card has been activated. An activation receipt is sometimes not viewed as a payment receipt because it does not inform the payment option.

How to Redeem Amazon gift card by yourself

You can redeem an Amazon gift card following these steps

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to Redeem a gift card.
  3. Input the code on your card and select Apply balance to my next order.

How to Check Amazon gift card balance

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  2. Click on the menu bar.
  3. Go to Your Account.
  4. Select Gift cards and view the balance 

Where can I Sell my Amazon gift cards In Nigeria?

Amazon gift cards can be sold anywhere in the country. But if you want perfection, you need to understand the best way to sell your Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria.

You can redeem other countries’ Amazon gift cards on Cardtonic.

Cardtonic is an online platform that allows you to trade your gift cards for swift payment.

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