The American Express Company (Amex) is a financial service corporation that started as an express mail business but quickly introduced a money order system.

It offers different cards ( credit and debit) and non-card products.

What Are American Express Gift Cards Used For?

The Amex gift cards are prepaid payment cards with a monetary value stored in the card.  

Amex gift cards can be used for the purchase of goods/services in any in-stores or websites that accept American Express cards.

Forms of Amex gift cards

Amex gift cards exist in two forms namely; physical and ecodes.

Physical Amex Cards: These are branded Amex gift cards that can be purchased at physical stores like Target, Walmart, CVS pharmacy, American Express website, etc.

Ecodes: Ecodes also can be purchased on the American Express website and other verified sites. Ecodes are digital Amex codes purchased online and sent to the recipient’s email or phone number.

Difference Between Visa Card and Amex gift cards

Some Visa Cards (Netspend and Mango visa cards) are reloadable. This means the Visa Card could be loaded with money countlessly.

Meanwhile, Amex gift cards cannot be reloadable. Once the value placed on the gift card is exhausted, it can not be loaded with money again.

There are other American Express prepaid cards that are reloadable. Examples are BlueBird and American Express Serve.

How To Check Balance Of American Express gift cards

  1. Visit the AMEX Website.
  2. Click on the ‘Cards’ tab 
  3. Select ‘Gift Cards’ under the ‘Prepaid Cards’ section.
  4. Click on the ‘Check Balance’ tab located at the top right corner.
  5. Input the gift card details
  6. Input your email address.
  7. Click on the ‘Sign In’ tab.

How to Sell American Express Gift card In Nigeria

Amex gift cards are solely for purchase and bill payment. However, there is a gift card trading platform that offers good rates for you to easily exchange Amex gift cards for naira.

People want to know where To Sell Amex Gift Cards in Nigeria. This segment not only tells you where but also teaches you how to go about selling it as well.

Cardtonic is an online trading platform that accepts Amex and other gift cards for swift Naira payment. You can check the play store or AppStore to download the cardtonic app and easily trade your gift cards.

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