Gift Card Trading

Dotun is an aspiring footballer. On the side, he sings, and he is quite good too. He recently entered a giveaway competition on IG and won himself a $200 Itunes gift card. Dotun is very excited about the win, but he doesn’t need any item on Itunes. However, he does need a new pair of soccer boots badly, because his current one is in bad condition. There is obviously no direct means of switching an Itunes gift card for new football boots. So what does he do? He can sell the iTunes gift card

What happens when two friends or colleagues sell the same gift card on different platforms and get very different payouts? If you are the one with the higher payout, you probably wouldn’t question it. But someone would need to explain to Aisha how the same $200 Sephora gift card she sold like Tola gave her a much lesser payout. 

This all falls under gift card trading. Under this segment, you learn the full mechanism of how unwanted gift cards turn into cash. You are up to date on the current rates of different gift cards, you also understand the factors that affect gift card rates you know the best gift card trading apps and you know the gift cards with the highest rates at any time. 

Gift card trading simply entails the process of getting cash for your unwanted gift cards.

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