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Here you get the latest information on all things concerning gift cards. This is one of the most important aspects of reselling gift cards. The only constant thing in life is change. To make smart moves, it is pertinent you follow the news. 

Under gift card news & updates, you get information such as; the top selling gift cards 2022, best places to buy gift cards, Countries where you can/can’t redeem certain gift cards, how to manage your gift card etc. 

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Let’s Talk About Discounted Gift Cards

One of the most popular ways to getting more and spending is to get discounted gift cards. Gift cards can be used to save money on online purchases and in-person retail and restaurant purchases. Discounted gift cards are gift cards…

Gift Cards Rules for Expiration and Service Fees: Frequently Asked Questions on Gift Card Laws

Some years back, gift card issuers would charge service and inactivity fees on gift cards that were dormant for a period of time, and some gift cards were either restricted or cancelled. This created a bad user-experience, as consumers, issuers,…

Best Gift Cards with the Highest Rates To Sell in 2022

Gift card trading is the new norm, and it is here to stay in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc. It is the direct resale of gift cards.   The resale value of gift cards is dependent on the demand…

Top Gift Card Scams To Avoid In 2021

Gift cards are a great way to give a gift. However, did you know they could also be a fraudster’s favourite way to steal money? Gift card scams offer the promise of gift cards for websites or stores that don’t…

Do free gift card generator websites really work?

  There is a recent rise of suspicious websites promising to offer gift cards at no cost. These websites claim to use web-based applications that instantly generate “valid” gift card codes. Some have progressed to gather support from influencers to…

Gift Card Business in Nigeria – All You Need to Know

The gift card business in Nigeria has, alongside Cryptocurrencies, risen to be one of the most highly regarded e-commerce businesses in recent times that Nigerians top several charts all over the world today. Nigerians, as we all know, are not…

How to Use a Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon Website

Are you wondering what to do with the remaining balance on your Mastercard gift card? Did you know you can use your Mastercard gift card on Amazon? There’s an easy and quick way to use your Mastercard gift card balances…