Google is a multinational company that specializes in Internet-related services such as cloud computing, online advertisement, software, etc.

One of its products is Google Play — a digital media store that provides different products and services which must be running on the Android Operating System.

What is Google Play Gift Card Used For?

These are gift cards used for the purchase of products( which are not free) on the Google play store such as music, books, apps, etc. They come in different values, countries, forms and MUST be activated before usage.

Google play gift card provides convenience as you can check the status on the card by visiting the Play Store, logging into your google account, and clicking on redeem. 

Difference Between Physical and Ecode Google Play

Physical Google Play are Google Play gift cards purchased from a physical store such as Walmart, Target, BestBuy, CVS Pharmacy, etc.

Electronic Google Play are digital Google Play codes purchased online and are sent to the buyer’s email address or phone number.

Error Prompts of Google Play gift card

Here are the list of these error prompts;

“We need more info to Redeem this card.”

This is an error prompt associated with Google play gift card. It is common, and the reason is unknown.

The prompt does not mean your card is redeemed. It is advisable to visit the store of purchase and inform them of the error prompt.

Your code could not be redeemed.”

It occurs when your Google Play gift card is not activated.

Kindly visit the store of purchase.

The code you entered had already been redeemed on a different account.”

The prompt above is not an error prompt. Your gift card could have been stolen and used. Report this to Google Play Support and the store of purchase.

These prompts can be resolved, but buying your Google Play gift cards from authorized stores will reduce the occurrence.

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Sell Google Play Card In Nigeria

Are you looking to sell your google play gift cards but do not know how to? Have you tried in the past and did not get the desired outcome? Here you can learn where To Sell Google Play Gift Cards in Nigeria. 

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