Sephora gift cards are cards issued by Sephora — A lifestyle retailer store that houses major beauty brands’ products and available in over 25 countries worldwide.

Sephora gives gift cards as alternate payment for goods, a form of appreciation for patronage, etc.

Customers can buy Sephora stores and other gift card retailing outlets like Walmart, CVS pharmacy, etc. It exists in two forms; Physical and ecodes.

Sephora gift card is sometimes referred to as Sephora Credit Card. It is because a PIN (sealed) is placed at the back of this gift card.

What is a JCPenney Sephora gift card?

JCPenney (a departmental store) partnered with Sephora to open Sephora stores in her building. This store issues Sephora gift cards, but it is quite different.

The logos of two brands( Sephora and JCpenney) are listed on the gift cards.

Difference Between Sephora Gift cards and JCPenney Sephora Gift cards.

The major difference between the Sephora and JCPenney Sephora gift cards is the PIN. Sephora gift card has an 8-digit pin, and JCPenney Sephora has a 4-digit pin.

The similarity between JCPenny Sephora and Sephora gift cards are that they are both closed-loop gift cards. A closed-loop gift card is a card that can only be used at the merchant listed.

So a JCPenney Sephora card can only be used in a JCPenney Sephora store and vice versa.

The Demand For Sephora Gift Card

There is a higher demand for Sephora gift cards compared to JCPenny Sephora gift cards because unlike Sephora gift cards which can be redeemed in any Sephora store so long as the currency on the card matches the location. 

On the other hand, JCPenney Sephora gift cards have to be only redeemed by the specific JCPenney Sephora store that issued the card. 

Where To Sell Sephora Gift Card

Due to the high demand, frequent shoppers look for ways to get gift cards at discounted rates. So, they in turn connect with those who are willing to exchange or trade their Sephora gift card for cash.

One of the best sites to sell Sephora gift cards in Nigeria is Cardtonic. A platform majorly developed for this purpose. So, if you are looking for a good way to trade Sephora card online securely, proceed to or download their mobile app on Android or iOS.

Selling Sephora gift cards in Nigeria is easy. It only gets tricky when it’s not done right. With adequate knowledge, you would never have to second guess your trading decisions again.

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