Steam is an online platform used for interaction, creating, and playing games. It is the largest distribution platform for PC gaming — also available on iOS and Android devices.

Steam provides its users’ video streaming, server hosting, and social networking services. All games on the Steam platform are not free and must be purchased.

What is Steam Gift Card?

Steam gift cards are gift cards that are redeemed on the STEAM platform for credit. The credit is used to buy games, downloadable content, and game updates.

The steam gift card exists in two forms; physical and ecodes. They are also in different denominations and countries. 

The Physical Steam Gift Cards: These are steam branded cards bought in physical stores such as CVs pharmacy, Walmart, BestBuy, Walgreens, etc.

Common price values for physical steam gift cards are 20, 50, and 100.

The Steam Ecodes: Steam Codes are codes of steam gift cards purchased online and sent to the buyer’s email address or phone number.

They exist in denominations such as 5,10, 25, etc.

Error Prompts on Steam gift cards

A steam gift card could give this prompt “There was an error redeeming the entered code.” while redeeming it. It means the following;

1. The code may be invalid.

    You might have made a mistake while inputting the code of the card.

    Verify and put the correct code.

2. Your code may not be activated.

    Like all gift cards, Steam gift cards must be activated

    Kindly visit the store of purchase for the proper activation of your steam gift card.

3. The currency of the code is different from your location.

 The Steam platform has access to its user’s location, and you can only redeem steam gift cards whose currency matches the user’s location. 

Sell Steam Card In Nigeria

By learning How To Sell Steam Gift Cards properly in Nigeria, you would never fall victim to gift card scammers again.

Learn more about steam cards using the articles listed below.

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