Target is a retailing corporation that deals with chains of discount stores. Target sells a broad range of products like electronics, decor, apparel, food, etc.

Target also generates revenue from leased departments like Starbucks, operating agreements like CVS Pharmacy, and in-store facilities like TargetCafe, MinuteClinic, etc.

About Target Gift Cards

These are alternative payment means issued by Target and are solely used at Target physical stores or for the purchase of different products.

Features of Target gift cards

  1. They exist in two forms; physical gift cards and ecodes.
  2. Some of them have the gift card number and access number at the back of the card.
  3. The position of the card and access number varies. 

Target gift card vs Target Visa gift card

While both Target visa and Target MasterCard gift cards are non-reloadable prepaid debit cards, there are few differences.

Target Visa gift cards( have the target and visa logo) can only be used in locations or on websites that accept Visa debit cards.

Target gift cards are only accepted on Target platforms.

The similarities of these gift card are that both can’t be used for cash advance, ATM transactions or in Casinos.

How to Check Balance on Target Gift Card

  1. Visit the Target Website.
  2. Scroll a bit down to the ‘Target Gift Cards Help’ header.
  3. Click on the ‘Check your balance’ icon.
  4. Input the Target gift card number and Access number on the pop-up page.
  5. Click on the ‘Check balance’ tab

Where To Sell Target Gift Card

Do you have Target and Target Visa gift cards and you need quick cash?

There is a platform that trades gift cards for swift payment in Nigeria.

Yes, Cardtonic( a reliable gift card trading platform) offers the best rates for Target and other gift cards.

Visit the Cardtonic website for more information.

Download the Cardtonic App available on Android and iOS stores.

Forget about the hassles you have faced in the past trying to sell your Target gift card. Here, you would learn how to convert your Target gift card to cash with ease.

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