Vanilla is a gift card company that issues her brand of gift cards.

Unlike most brands that issue gift cards and usually have physical stores packed with its merchandise eg Nike, Amazon, etc or a website-only platform that offer services eg Steam gives gaming service, Google Play gives access to digital apps, etc.

Vanilla gift can issue her gift cards by partnering with global payment companies like MasterCard and Visa.

About Vanilla Gift cards

Vanilla gift cards are prepaid non-reloadable debit cards that offer digital payment.

These are open looped gift cards that can be used almost anywhere because they are runnable on various credit card systems.

They exist in two forms;

Physical: These are plastic gift cards purchased in stores such as Walgreen, Walmart, Dollar General, etc. 

Ecode: They are digital codes purchased online and sent to the recipient via email or phone number.

Features of Vanilla Gift Cards

  1. These gift cards can’t be used online until a zip code is registered to it.
  2. They do expire.
  3. They incur hidden charges.
  4. 16-digit card number.
  5. The highest amount you can load into a visa gift card is $250 

Types of Vanilla Gift Cards

  1. OneVanilla Visa gift card — one vanilla and my vanilla visa gift card.
  2. OneVanilla MasterCard gift card
  3. Vanilla Discover gift card

Difference Between MyVanilla Visa Card and One Vanilla Visa Cards.

My Vanilla Visa cards are personalized prepaid cards that are reloadable. 

They come in black colors and can be used at ATMs.

One Vanilla Visa Card is a non-reloadable gift card. The card itself is white but its packaging is in black. One Vanilla Visa gift card cannot be used at ATMs, and no personal information is required.

How to Check the Balance on Vanilla gift card

  1. Visit the Vanilla Website
  2. Input the 16-digits code of your Visa gift card
  3. Input the expiry date( month and year) and CVV of the card.
  4. Click on the ‘Sign in’ 

Why is My Vanilla Gift Card Declined?

  1. Not properly activated: 
  2. The balance on your card is lower than the item(s) of purchase.
  3. Using your card on international platforms
  4. Not assign a Zipcode to your card.

Sell Vanilla Gift Card

Reading this would inform you about the most convenient and profitable way of selling Vanilla gift cards in Nigeria.

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